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The Fanny Pack

Whether you are using a backpack or shoulder bag, so long it has poor design, rest assure that it will cause strain to your spine which is the same reason why some medical professionals encourage who experience back pains to use fanny packs. You will often see these packs sitting low on the lumbar region that creates less strain on spine as well as back muscles.

While there are lots of brands as well as known companies, it might cause confusion at times on what must be bought. In an effort to prevent dealing with this kind of issue, the following tips can help you in being on the right path of buying the best fanny pack.

Tip number 1. Know the different kinds of fanny packs – since the time that fanny pack was introduced in the public, there is only one basic design with just a pocket and several variations. In this modern time, these fanny packs were given with a whole new purpose and can be purchased for different applications.

Travel fanny pack is a very classic design which features wide strap that buckles and wraps around the waist and small pouch that sitting below the belly. This pack lets the traveler to move freely and have quick access to necessities.

For campers and hikers, there’s the lumber fanny pack that has gained their attention. These lumbar fanny packs have a similar design such as backpacks like compression straps to give it a snuggly and comfortable fit. There are times that these are included in a bigger backpack and is also great for day hikes to take your essentials like extra layers of clothing, snacks, water etc.

Tip number 2. Picking the right size – for any buyer, they have to find out the number of stuff that they’ll be carrying around. If ever the fanny pack is way too big, it can be inconvenient to bring and if too small, it may not have enough space holding the accessories and essentials that the wearer needs.

Tip number 3. Look for multiple pockets – one of the sought after features are the number of pockets you’ll see in a single pouch. This lets users to easily organize their stuff and keep them neat and separate. For a basic fanny pack, it ought to have a compartment large enough in storing big items similar to smart phones, MP3, digital camera and so on.

Tip number 4. Consider money belt or day pack when needed – as for those who want to secure their passports, money or about to carry plenty of items, other bags can be more appropriate. The money belt is one of the most secure way to hide cards, money and other documents because this fanny pack is kept in your clothing.

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